Amazon Listing Translations

Translate Your Amazon Product Listings into Spanish


There’s so much competition out there that just translating your listing won’t be enough to rank high on Amazon Spain. You need a native Spanish translator who can write good copy, knows Amazon SEO and understands Spain!

If you already sell on Amazon, you’ll know how important it is to have the most relevant keywords in your listing. This is what Amazon SEO is all about, and getting the keywords right will increase your chances of ranking high. But what actually gets the reader to buy your product? Engaging copy! So you have to combine the two. To fully optimise your product listing you need a Spanish translator and copywriter from Spain who lives and breathes Spanish culture, AND understands Amazon keyword research.

I have helped many Amazon sellers expand into the Spanish marketplace with my Spanish translations and I can help you too!

“I always want the best so I seek out the best freelancers I can for whatever projects I need. Becky is just that – an expert in her field of expertise. I did a fair bit of research prior to hiring her and I am fairly convinced she’s the best translator in her field. All in all, a true pleasure working with Becky, and she’s now my go-to translator for English-Spanish translations.”

Alex Schelin, Amazon Seller

Do you need your Amazon product listings translated into German, French and Italian as well as Spanish? If you’re looking for a one-stop translation service for all Amazon Europe marketplaces, I can help. As a project manager I work closely with European translators and Amazon SEO experts to offer you a hassle-free, multilingual translation service.